Davis’ Map of Luton (1855)

Frederick Davis’s History of Luton (1855) contains a map of Luton. The map shows the few streets in which many of my ancestors lived.

Park Street was where my 3x great grandmother, Mary Kate Evans was born on 13 October 1863. Her husband Samuel Fensome was born in nearby Chobham Street on 22 October 1861. My 4x great grandmother, Susan Lines lived in Park Street at the time of her marriage, on Xmas Day 1861. The Punter and Hawkins families lived in and around Langley Road and New Town Street, which lie perpendicular to each other. It is interesting to note the layout of the back-to-back houses they would have lived in, and to get a sense of the local topography. Luton is very different now to how it appears on the map.

The map key denotes some sites of interest to the family historian. For example, it shows the location of various schools – the National School, British School, Infant School and Wesleyan Day School. Considering the various religious predilections of Luton residents, the map shows various chapels and meeting houses. See elsewhere on my blog for more images from Davis’ work.

Certainly if you have ancestors who lived in Luton, it is worth consulting the records of the various schools, if they survive.



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